Современные стратегии в хореографическом образовани (Modern Strategy in Dance Education)

The article refers to the need to create adequate scholarly approach according to educational plans and programs for the dance and choreographic pedagogy concerning perception of music. Perception of music is considered here as the crucial element which sets up the basis for the scenic image, mood and character of the dance stage performance. In the process of learning classical and ethnic dance, as well as choreography the attention must be paid on the dance music which develops rhythmic pulsations and emotionally sensitive mechanisms that form the memory, attention, sense of rhythm and tempo, plasticity and musicality. For the dancer/choreographer music plays a major role in the formation of musical and creative thinking. The author emphasizes that it is necessary for a choreographer/ dancer to analyze the levels of music and motion relationships in the context of musical structure, the effects of musical laws on movements, and to clarify how musical tempo, rhythm, and intonation effect the tempo, rhythm and sense of movement. Accordingly, the author concluded that for the dance pedagogy it is crucial to include all mentioned since the primary level, and points to the failures and shortcomings of dance teachers which should be overcome. Dance teachers and choreographers must have the high-quality and deep understanding of music as they have different problems to deal with concerning music material in dance. They have to teach their students to adequately understand the music at the lowest level of perception (tempo, rhythm, etc.) and prepare them for the highest level of perception (image, idea, tone, content, meaning). In addition, the author argue about her disagreement with some authors, who she deeply honors but has different views and attitudes towards the same questions.

Journal Accelerando
Year 2017
Issue 2

Sokovikova, Natalia (2017) Современные стратегии в хореографическом образовани (Modern Strategy in Dance Education). In: Accelerando: Belgrade Journal of Music and Dance, No. 2. Available at https://openmusiclibrary.org/article/1030079/.



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