Zon Guitars

Mosaic Mojo 4-strings

Ed Friedland

Let's face it-for all the sex appeal a fancy wood top can generate, some among us can get hot and bothered seeing a pickguard screwed to a painted body, and lose all inhibition when confronted with a matching headstock. The Zon Mojo follows this formula and comes in six flavors: white, black, Candy Red, Ice Blue, natural, and three-tone sunburst, with white, black, or tortoiseshell three-ply pickguards. In addition to appealing to the traditional market, these aesthetics are considerably less expensive to produce, a savings that offsets the Aguilar pickups' expense. The AG 4J-60 set delivers that much-loved single-coil tone in the passive Mojo, while the active model sports the AG 4P/J-HC set combined with a 2-band preamp. I don't usually care for the P/J configuration-for the most part, I have experienced poorly matched pickups that produce a rhinal honk- but the AG 4P/J-HCs are a well-balanced pair that sound great individually and blend musically. Another element to the Mojo P/J's success is the slightly wider spread between the two pickups, achieved by placing the P-style pickup .31" closer to the neck than standard Fender placement, with the bass coil centered at 28.06" (measured from the nut), treble coil at 29.12", and the bridge pickup at 31.68," just shy of '70s J position.

Journal Bass Player
Year 2015
Volume 26
Issue 2
Pages 56-57

Friedland, Ed (2015) Zon Guitars: Mosaic Mojo 4-strings. In: Bass Player, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 56-57. Available at https://openmusiclibrary.org/article/1029358/.


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