Greenboy Audio Fearless F112 Cabinet

Ed Friedland

The cab was delivered 15 minutes before the van left for a two-week tour, and throwing caution to the wind, I took it along for the trip in addition to my regular 4x10 road cab. After the first night with the F112, the 4x10 never left the trailer. First, let's remember that we are talking about a single 12" woofer in a box that stands 20" high. This is a small cab by anyone's standards, but powered by a Carvin DCM 2000 amp (in bridged-mono for a full 1,200 watts into the 8-ohm cab!), fronted by a BBE BmaxT preamp, this little monster absolutely ruled the lower realms onstage and in the house with a rocking four-piece Americana band. The sheer performance level of this cab was shocking at first-it gets super-loud without farting out, and it eats low B's for breakfast. The low end is not only robust, it's tight, controlled, and well balanced with the midand high-frequency drivers to produce a natural full-range tone. I played my Blast Cult one4five (running through the Channel Blaster preamp) into the BBE/Carvin/Greenboy rig and was rewarded with breathtaking (like a punch to the gut) low end that retained its roundness, while the highs sounded sweeter than I've ever heard them. I didn't have to use extreme EQ to get a great slap tone-just a mild rolloff around 1kHz and the cab seemed to do the rest. I've had the opportunity to play many different electric and upright basses through this cab, using several different amps. I've taken it out on lowvolume jazz upright gigs, high-energy rock gigs, and every time, the F112 surpassed my expectationsnot only of what a cab that size can do, but how well it could be done.

Journal Bass Player
Year 2014
Volume 25
Issue 8
Pages 50-51

Friedland, Ed (2014) Greenboy Audio Fearless F112 Cabinet. In: Bass Player, Vol. 25, No. 8, pp. 50-51. Available at


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