Tech Reviews

API the Box

Wes Maebe

We all know the API brand from the 1970s classic consoles, Lunchbox series processors, Legacy, Vision and 1608 desks. It's safe to say that API has a reputation for building recording consoles and outboard equipment that deliver a recognizable thick, warm analog sound. It is an "expensive" sound that, for a long time, was financially out of reach for most. While the Lunchbox made it possible to get "that" API sound, it was still a long reach to a full API console. With the introduction of THE BOX, API has landed in the mid-ground, finally manufacturing an affordable, small-footprint console. API's patented Thrust circuitry has also been added to THE BOX 527 compressor design. Thrust inserts a highpass filter into the compressor's detector, reducing the low frequencies that pump and giving you a punchier sound. This is a very smooth and transparent compressor. It's great for tracking and lovely and soft on full mixes. Personally, I'd have liked to see a faster release control à la the 2500 to give you more punch for more aggressive work. API has created a truly amazing piece of equipment. Overall, 1 am blown away by this well-engineered sonic beauty and its value for the money. If you were to buy four API pre's, two 550a's, two more API 500 Series modules, an API stereo compressor, a monitor controller and a couple of fader packs, you'd end up paying a lot more!

Journal Mix
Year 2013
Volume 37
Issue 11
Pages 68-71

Maebe, Wes (2013) Tech Reviews: API the Box. In: Mix, Vol. 37, No. 11, pp. 68-71. Available at


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