Articles about Sound Recording/Processing/Systems

Resonances and Responses
Divergence Press (2015) , No. 4, pp. np

The idea of resonances and responses as a fundamental compositional principle is found in many of my compositions. I have used it in instrumental pieces both with and without electronics, in theatre contexts, in conceptual works and in intertextual and ...

The Harmonic Sequencer: Mapping the Harmonic Series to a Sequencer
Divergence Press (2015) , No. 4, pp. np

This paper discusses a software tool created by the author in MAX. I have created a sequencer that mimics (in reverse) the relationship between the harmonic series and the equal temperament tuning in terms of temporal timing. I will discuss ...

"Strata Sequence": From Musical Rocks to Palaeo-Soundscapes
Divergence Press (2015) , No. 4, pp. np

"Strata Sequence" is a body of work comprising a range of creative outputs, including compositions and installations. The work represents a series of collaborations with museums and festivals related by the theme of geology. The first created work, "Living Waves," ...