R. J. Morris


First Passaggio Transition Gestures in Classically Trained Female Singers
Journal of Voice (2016) Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 377.e21-377.e29

The purpose of this project was to determine the spectral and electroglottograph (EGG) differences exhibited by classically trained female singers when singing through their primo passaggio. The hypotheses were that the singers would exhibit relatively steady EGG levels and minimal ...

Long-Term Average Spectra From a Youth Choir Singing in Three Vocal Registers and Two Dynamic Levels
Journal of Voice (2012) Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 30-36

Few studies have reported the acoustic characteristics of youth choirs. In addition, scant data are available on youth choruses making the adjustments needed to sing at different dynamic levels in different registers. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to ...

Select Acoustic and Perceptual Measures of Choral Formation

The purposes of this study were (1) to acoustically compare three contrasting choral formations (block sectional, mixed, and sectional in columns) in performance of two contrasting pieces of choral literature (homophonic and polyphonic) by a university graduate choir (N=30), and ...