Recollecting Resonances

Indonesian-Dutch Musical Encounters

Bart Barendregt
Leiden University
Els Bogaerts
Leiden University

Over time Dutch and Indonesian composers, performers and music scholars have inspired each other and they continue to do so. The presence of the Dutch in the Netherlands East-Indies and Indonesia, but also the existence of large diasporic communities in the Netherlands have contributed to a mutual exchange in musical terms: from military brass bands, classical and liturgical music to jazz, Indo rock and more recently world music. Yet, such musical interactions have often been shaped by unequal power balances, and very divergent motifs to start with. Recollecting Resonances offers musicological, historical and anthropological explorations into those musical encounters that have been shaped in both the past and present. The resulting mutual heritage can still be listened to today.

Year 2014
Publisher Brill
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Barendregt, Bart; Bogaerts, Els (2014) Recollecting Resonances: Indonesian-Dutch Musical Encounters. Available at